Welcome to Designing Services for a greener future
Nordplus junior project 2022-2025


It is a joint venture project between secondary schools in the countries of Sweden, Iceland, Latvia, and Estonia.


The project's main objective is to spread knowledge about how you will meet the future and make services that are sustainable. It is a three-year project running from 2022-2025.


The main topics for each year 

October 2022 - Green Education, Riga
April 2023 - Green eCommerce, Kalmar
September 2023 - Green Ocean, Reykjavik
April 2024 - Green / Eco-Farming, Tartu


On this website, all information, lectures, workshops, and material will be published for everyone to use.


The project is financed to 70% by Nordplus Junior


2023-09-04 - 09-08 Welcome to Reykjavik
2023-04-16 - 2023-04-20 Welcome to Kalmar
2022-10-02 First meeting in Riga, Latvia
2022-09-01 Start of the project